Welcome to The Customer Experience Hub 

A new networking and learning platform for you working / interested in Personalisation, Commerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Journey and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

We will run a number of Webinars and Executive events around the topics. The Executive events will focus mostly on discussion and experience sharing. Over time we like to develop the community and increase value for you as member. The Customer Experience Hub is a joint Initiative from Wednesday Relations and Adobe. 

Customer Experience - Now and in the Future

The only thing constant is change. And nowhere is that more true than in our customers expectations of how we communicate with them. Every year there are new channels and touchpoints to be managed, new types of interaction to take into account, and the definition of timely gets every smaller.  How as marketing professionals can we plan and approach with unforeseen changes on the horizon. 

How can we respect our customers rights and wishes in a changing regulatory and reputational landscape while also informing and delighting them with what our companies offer. How do we continue to do our jobs in a cookieless world. Join us at The CX Hub and discuss the changes that have happened recently, will happen soon and what will be important as you navigate with your customers now and in the future.